Our professionals have the experience and equipment needed to eradicate any clog in any pipe, at any time.

  • Toilet Clogs
  • Clogged Bathtubs
  • Kitchen Sink Problems
  • Blocked Garbage Disposal
  • Sewer Problems
  • Any Clog in Your Home!

Are You Seeing the Warning Signs?

Has your tub been draining slower than usual? That’s because a clog is building up somewhere in your drain. Slow draining sinks, toilets that flush slower than usual and weak water pressure are all warning signs telling you that it might just be rooter time.

How Will Pipetech Handle Your Clog?

At Pipetech, we are equipped to handle all of your plumbing needs. When you have a clog, we’ll take several steps to ensure the job gets done right.

Video analysis for clog pipeline

Video Analysis

We'll use our specialized video equipment to look inside your pipes and find the source of the clog.
* Video analysis additional charge. Video inspection is not necessary for most sewer or drain clears.

Rooter equipment


Next, we'll use our rooter equipment to snake out your drain and remove the source of the clog without causing any damage to your plumbing or property.

Treat the effected pipes with Bio-Clean


Once the clog is removed, we'll treat the effected pipes with Bio-Clean. This blend of all natural enzymes and bacteria will help break down and eliminate any of the leftover gunk that could lead to future clogs. It’s completely natural and 100% safe.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

You can expect the highest level of excellence and customer service. Our Pipetechs are certified, professional and friendly. When you need leak detection in Phoenix or the surrounding area, give us a call.

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