The conventional wisdom out there says you only need to call a plumber when something goes wrong. That kind of thinking is a recipe for big problems down the road.

Here at Pipetech, we offer a Plumbing Tune-Up and Maintenance service to make sure your plumbing is in tip top shape. We catch small issues before they can become big headaches. Our service includes:

Our Plumbing Tune Up Includes:

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  • Water Heater Flush and Inspection
  • Inspect temperature and pressure relief valves
  • Inspect Emergency Shut Off
  • Conduct a corrosion inspection
  • Sediment flush (Removes hard water sediments which settle and cause corrosion and loss in efficiency)
  • Main Line Emergency Shut off inspection
  • Water Meter inspection
  • Sewer flow test
  • Inspect all Plumbing fixtures
  • Replacement Anode Rod (this will add additional lifespan to your hot water heater)
  • Inspect all P-Traps for leaks
  • 5 Point Toilet Inspection
  • Inspect Flappers
  • Inspect Jetters
  • Inspect Fill Valve
  • Inspect Risers
  • Inspect Angle Stops and Supply Lines
  • Inspect all other Angle Stops and Supply Lines for leaks and corrosion Water Hardness Test
  • Sewer system treatment with Bio-Clean biodegradable enzyme to improve drain flow and help restore your drain pipes to their original size.

A value of $600 for only $159.95 per household

$59.95 * Discounted rate for each additional Water Heater Flush

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If there's a leak under your home's slab, you need to track it down right away. A slab leak that goes unnoticed or unrepaired can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Get in touch with Pipetech if you'd like to learn more about how our Tune-Up service can help restore lost efficiency and extend the lifespan of your plumbing and fixtures, all while reducing the likelihood of a major plumbing failure.

Don't wait for a dreaded rupture before calling a plumber. A leaking or gushing pipe can cause extensive and costly damage to your home that goes far beyond the cost of repairing or replacing a pipe. That's why it is so important to have your plumbing system inspected and maintained on an annual basis.

You'll also notice that your pipes are running faster and cleaner after a maintenance service, with fewer annoying clogs and blockages.

Plumbing system tuneup

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