Pipetech: Peoria Plumbers Assure Reliable Expertise with Affordability

Peoria residents trust Pipetech to provide affordable and reliable plumbing services. All of our professional plumbers are licensed, bonded, and insured so you know the job will get done right the first time.

Our Peoria plumbers thoroughly screen your plumbing system and fix pipe issues with a strategic approach and get the job done to the highest standards. They carry out Pipetech’s commitment to quality, integrity, and trust and make sure they can be reached at all times. You can rely on our team for sewer back-ups and other plumbing emergencies.

People has relied on our operated business since 1995 to serve residents and business owners in Peoria. We use only exceptional products and the most advanced technology so our plumbers can deliver services at the highest quality.

Rooter Services

Our Peoria plumbers are armed with the latest tools to put an end to any sort of clogs. They will examine your drainage problems closely and conduct quality repair to make sure your pipes are entirely cleared out and running like new. If your drains are leaking or blocked, our Peoria plumbers will get your problem covered for you.

Pipetech plumbers are trained to use advanced video equipment to inspect every single aspect of your pipes including the detection of bad joints, pipe cracks, root obtrusions, holes, or other obstructions to determine whether a simple patch can do or a more extensive repair is needed. After examining, they will use the latest rooter equipment to slide the source of the clog out without damaging your plumbing system.

After the unclogging, our Peoria technicians will pour Bio-Clean into the drain to contain special bacteria and isolate any waste from the impacted area away from the rest of the walls of your pipe to prevent more odors and clogs from coming up in the future.

Plumbing Maintenance

Blocked drains can cause corrosion, subsidence, or root intrusion that will lead to more serious structural problems if left unrepaired. Our plumbers perform regular plumbing tune-ups and maintenance services for your home or business properties to keep small issues from turning into bigger, costlier one.

Our plumbers’ superior experience, knowledge and skills can deliver quality residential and commercial drain services to ensure that your pipes will experience less-frequent-to-no-more clogs and blockages. We deliver the best of methods and techniques from drain pumping to plumbing services anywhere in Peoria.

Pipetech is dedicated to getting a quality job done and this mantra is instilled in all employees from our founders to our Peoria technicians.

Emergency Repairs

Pipetech knows it is never fun when you have a leaking pipe at the very darkest hour before dawn with water dripping through the ceiling. That is why our highly skilled emergency plumbers in Peoria are equipped with the right tools and equipments day and night everyday of the year, all set to respond to your sewer or drain cleaning and repair problems or any sort of plumbing emergency. All you have to do is dial our hotline, wait for us to get in and let us get the problem fixed.

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